Disposer With Cord Will Not Run

If your disposer is plugged into a standard wall outlet and the disposer will not run, make sure that there is power to the outlet. Check the circuit breaker or fuse. To be certain, switch the breaker off then on, or replace the fuse.

If the breaker or fuse is OK, check that the electrical switch is working properly. To do this, unplug the disposer, and plug something else into the outlet for a test. Try using a night light, lamp, radio, or a hair dryer. Make sure the test device is turned on. Flip the disposer's switch on and off several times. Your electrical device should turn on and off with the switch.

If the test turns on and off with the switch, your disposer requires service. If the disposer is covered by warranty, and the problem is due to materials or workmanship, InSinkErator will pay to have an authorized service center service the disposer in your home, at no charge to you.

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