Clogged Beyond "P" Trap, "Y", or "Baffle T"

This type of clog is difficult to dislodge with a plunger or plumber's helper. If you wish to try, follow these directions.

Make certain that the disposer's power switch is in the off position.

If you have multiple sinks, place a stopper in the non-disposer sinks. Place a pot full of water over the stoppers, and fill the non-disposer sink with four inches (10cm) of water.

Fill the disposer sink with four inches (10cm) of water. Place the plunger over the disposer opening and press down slowly and gently. Then, pull the plunger upwards quickly using your strength.  Repeat this pulling action several times.

When the clog is dislodged, run the water and the disposer for a minute or two.

If the plunger does not dislodge the clog, you may need to disconnect plumbing to clear the line. A plumber or drain cleaning service like Roto-Rooter may be needed for particularly difficult clogs.

Your warranty does not cover clogged drain lines, and you will be responsible for any charges.

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